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Lamario Taylor
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Turks and Caicos Islands
Favourite genre of music: doesnt matter all music is cool
i have been off deviant art but im finally back I am Open to commissions now with new pricing for my work and i hope to see alot of you guys choose me to do these works for you.
 first we will discuss the concept and i will send you 7 sketches so we can iron out the idea of the project after that it will be 2 to 3 days more depending on the project for teh drawings to be complete. during the wait period i will constantly update you with information the Project.
1. All projects require 50% deposit before the project starts
2. i will only draw 7 sketches and give you 7 chances to actually change elements such as pose, expressions and so on.
3. All payments should be done with Paypal.
4. I will not do Hentai,Furries,and or Realistic portraits sex scenes for a regular comic is fine
5. waiting period for drawing is expanded by the level of complexity of the work such as a comic page

$5 - Head shots for characters 
$10 - for a character drawing of the bust no color.$15 with color
$20 -dollars for a full expression sheet.
$30- full body Character drawing with color and full detail.
$50-For character drawings with Background this includes Fight scene Splash page between two characters and illustrations for novels.
$100- Book cover.
$100- per Comic page no color
$120- per Comic page with color.

So once you agree to the terms let's do business and bring some change to reality


Limits Page 8 by IHComicsHQ
Limits Page 8
so i totally forgot about this comic so i took it on my self to continue inbetween my work on Heroes and saints
Ben 10 Infinity skeches 4  by IHComicsHQ
Ben 10 Infinity skeches 4
Kevin Levin from Ben 10 Infinity this is after he gains control of his powers Kevin would have all of bens aliens powers to a lesser extent but his mixing and matching of powers makes up for that making Kevin a dangerous and useful friend in a fight
Ben  10 Infinity sketches 3 by IHComicsHQ
Ben 10 Infinity sketches 3
Ben,Omnitrix and Kevin of ben10 infinity

I design Kevin mutation to be more complex and have his body act as a organic version of the Omnitrix meaning after he got expose to the radiation he gains 10 different mutated amalgam forms he can assume to fight with the one you see here is his base form hence Kevin 11.

Since the Omnitrix wasn't a weapon I wanted it to be more sophisticated and so it's HUD shows the alien its planet even let's you pick the specific sub specie of said race.

As for Ben design I kept him in line with his alien force self just made him more as asshole teenager

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