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Lamario Taylor
Turks and Caicos Islands
Favourite genre of music: doesnt matter all music is cool
I am Open to commissions now and if ever you want me to draw up a bad ass OC or the characters from your story you will have to pay.
The Drawings will take no more more than  a day or a day and a half to do.
Rules and Regulations
1. send me a message in my inbox about what you want me to draw.
2.i draw you several sketches and allow you a pick on changes you would like for the final product.( i will only do changes once)
3.Once a look is agreed on I draw the final product
4. you will not receive the final product until payment is made
5.All payments should be done with Paypal nothing else.
6.I will not do Hentai,Furries,and or Realistic portraits.

$5 -Head shots for characters $8 dollars for a full expression sheet.
$10-for a character drawing no color.$15 for character drawing with color
$20-Character drawing with color and full detail.
$25-Book cover.
$30-For character drawings with Background this is  also the price for a Fight scene between two characters.
$50-for a Comic page with color of without depends on you.

So once you agree to the term lets do business and bring some change to reality


Evoso Blessed Swords of Earth by IHComicsHQ
Evoso Blessed Swords of Earth
SO Guys I've been super busy or for lack of a better word lazy. I finally started really drawing again after like almost 3 years it's scarey how depression and exhaustion can almost kill a dream but I'm finally back on that with my new comic and animated series HEROES AND SAINTS. this is a frame from the soon to be trailer featuring Evoso an Earth Mage as well an actual  Prince displaying his Signature spell "the Blessed Swords of Earth". so stay tune for more 

You can check out the speed drawing video here on youtube…

I also have a facebook page

You can also find me on instagram 
Make a Choice Albedo by IHComicsHQ
Make a Choice Albedo
Drawing I did from the fabled rise of the Albedo Corp Arc featuring Karinta an OC of mine and love interest for Albedo telling him he can be more than just a revenge seeking maniac.


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